Customs agents

We know that successful international cargo transportation primarily depends on proper preparation of documents, licensing requirements, legal, insurance issues, knowledge of protocols.

What is it?

We prepare customs documents in accordance with the requirements of the applicable legal acts, ensure the preparation of cargo and accompanying documents, representation of clients in customs, provision of guarantees for import and transit procedures. Reliable and experienced customs brokers will advise on various customs procedures.


Experienced customs brokers will process general administrative documents for customs procedures: internal and external customs transit, warehousing, release of goods for free circulation in the territory of the European Union, export to third countries. Will also submit customs import, export, re-export declarations, successfully fill in other documents: customs declarations, CMR waybills, certificates of origin, permits, instructions. Customs services are a complex process where any mistake can lead to additional costs. Our customs brokers will help speed up the cargo transportation process without any unforeseen costs!
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